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Satish Mehta is the founder of Athena Advisors - a boutique consultancy firm, consulting in the areas of Mortgage Finance and Credit Information & Bureaus.

Satish’s experience spanning over 40 years in the areas of housing finance, consumer finance, business development, training, credit information and management consultancy has resulted in the creation of India’s first credit bureau – CIBIL, and he has extended invaluable expertise to the fledgling financial infrastructures of countries in South Asia and the Middle East.

Prior to founding Athena, Satish worked with the Quantum Group (CEO), Dun & Bradstreet Dubai (President – Financial Infrastructure & Credit Bureaus), Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd – CIBIL (MD), HDFC (General Manager) and Piramal Capital & Housing Finance Limited (COO)

His expertise has been used in various countries, which were in the process of developing their financial infrastructure. Specifically, he successfully headed the team that provided the technical knowhow for credit bureaus in UAE, Egypt, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. He has performed extensive work for the World Bank Group in India, Bhutan, Botswana, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Sub-Saharan Africa (Ghana, Senegal, Ethiopia)

Prior to his responsibilities at CIBIL, Satish was General Manager – Business Development, at HDFC and was involved in various functions including business development, training, knowledge creation, consulting advisory services, due diligence for investments, entry strategies, projects for multi-lateral agencies, operational management, human resource management and loan syndication. An additional responsibility was to manage the diligence and valuation leading to the investment by HDFC in housing finance companies in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and was on the Board of Directors of the Sri Lankan venture for a period of four years. Satish was responsible for the training and business development functions there. He was also responsible for HDFC’s initial foray in to education loans.

He was responsible for the business plan and joint venture that HDFC started with GE – USA. The joint venture, Countrywide consumer finance was in the business of giving consumer loans pan India.

In addition, Satish has worked closely as a consultant, delegate, faculty member with a number of international organizations like the International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Nepal, World Bank in Indonesia, Bank of Housing and Construction and Home Finance Company Limited in Ghana, Building Societies Institute in Australia, National Mortgage Institute in Fairfield, USA, The Building Societies Association, UK and GE Capital Corporation, USA.

By education he is a Chartered Accountant and a graduate in science with specialization in statistics and economics. Presently, he is a consultant to the World Bank, Strategic Advisor to fintech startups and Professor of Practice of Management at Ahmedabad University and consultant to Housing finance & Affordable Housing Finance companies. Satish Mehta is an independent director on the Board of P.E. Analytics Limited and Pahal Financial Services Private Limited. He is also on the Advisory Board of TRST Score (venture by Fiducia Score Private Limited)